Zen Trooper


 Working with RYCA again, I was asked to sculpt a model combining elements of Star Wars and the Japanese Buddha. The idea was to mix iconography of war and peace in a pop cultural mash-up. The result being the "warrior "finding serenity. The body of the sculpture is based on the Great Buddha of Kamakura in Japan with the head of a stormtrooper from Star Wars. The trooper's helmet has been adapted with embellishments on the ears and forehead.

 The sculpture was then moulded and cast in resin They were produced as limited runs and given a few different finishes. These were a green copper patina effect, a gold and a silver chrome and a 24 carat gold leaf. These turned out to be very popular and so I was asked to make a smaller version. These were then cast in limited edition runs of silver and gold chrome.

 Finally, as the centrepiece to RYCA's Winter 2015 show, a four foot tall version was built. To build this, the original sculpture was scanned and milled in polystyrene and this was then used as the base for a new sculpture. However, the milling process failed to reproduce the detail of the original sculpt and any small inaccuracies on the model were exaggerated when it was scaled up. This meant that there was a significant amount of re-sculpting, particularly the folds of the Buddha's robes.