The Team Christmas Display


 For Christmas 2014 design agency theTeam asked me to create a paper craft centrepiece for the reception of their offices. This would then be photographed and used to illustrate the company Christmas Greeting cards and the literature for their annual Christmas charity drive which, that year, was in conjunction with the Southwark Food Bank.

  I had worked with theTeam before, making paper craft models for a series of online animations for British Gas. They approached me with an idea based around creating a Christmas dinner, possibly using origami. After a little discussion it was decided that paper models were the way to go and we proceeded to list the absolute essential items needed for a Christmas dinner. This not only included the food but also the glassware, cutlery, plates, wine bottles, serving dishes, gravy boat and an one enormous turkey. Adding to the sheer number of individual items needed, the table in reception was over three metres long and so everything had to be scaled up in order to fill out the space. 

   To avoid any uniformity each vegetable came in several different shapes and sizes. The potatoes and the parsnips were airbrushed to give them a suitably golden roasted colour. Once all the basic shapes had been designed I set about churning out as many pieces as I could and, with the help of the occasional intern and conscript from around the office, we produced a feast fit for a King.