Little Big Planet 2, Channel 4 and Tesco

 Animation company Fred&Eric were asked by design company Maverick to produce an animated advertisement for the video game Little Big Planet 2.

 The director Maggie Rogers designed a world that was part computer animation and part paper craft. The commercial was a potted history of the video game with those aspects realised as CGI. In keeping with the “build-your-own-world” concept of the game, all the other parts were built from paper and cardboard, pushing that hand crafted aesthetic. The commercials were very successful and were nominated for three Promax (MI6) awards.



I worked with the team at Fred&Eric again for a Channel 4 promo. The network wanted to publicise a series of competitions that they were running over Christmas and so asked Fred&Eric for a sort of festive sequel to a promo that they had produced earlier in the year. This 30 second film was a triumph of choreography and split second timing where objects, representing the assorted prizes, would be placed in front of the camera, taken away and replaced with something new, all in one shot. It eventually took around 30 takes to get right but it was definitely worth the effort

 Most recently, I was asked by Fred&Eric to make some simple paper craft models to illustrate some online advertisements for Tesco.