Acid Cup



 Artist Ryan Callanan AKA RYCA was commissioned by DJ Norman Cook AKA Fatboy Slim to make a replica of the FIFA World Cup. He was going to be playing a few gigs in Brazil during the tournament and wanted to have a piece of artwork that he could have onstage with him as he performed. Both Norman and Ryan are big fans of the "Smiley" icon and Ryan uses it a lot in his work. It was decided that the trophy would be a copy of the original but with the globe being turned into a “Smiley” and the figures supporting it would become ravers that would be wearing dungarees and gloves.



I did quite a bit of research to make sure that the size and shape of the trophy was as accurate as possible. The rough, impressionistic figures were a challenge but once I was satisfied that they were close enough to the ones on the actual trophy I was able to sculpt the clothing and, finally, the Smiley face onto the globe

Ryan then moulded the sculpture and cast out copies in solid resin to give it the appropriate heft. These were then finished in 24 carat gold leaf. In the photos you can see Ryan presenting the piece to Fatboy himself during visit to the studios of Radio 1 (...also in the building, Slash, who took time out to pose with the trophy too!)